How to Make Extra Money from Home using The Poshmark App

As a stay at home mom with a slight shopping addiction, I’ve learned to turn my never ending desire to shop into a way of making money from home with the Poshmark app.

Years ago, I downloaded the Poshmark app. At that time I already had several years of selling experience through eBay. I found out about Poshmark through Instagram and it seemed to be the next best reselling app that I had not yet tried. I decided to sign up.

4 years has passed since I signed up, and to date I’ve sold over 1700 items! Im still very active on the app, and I love that I can easily make extra money in my spare time.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent looking for a part time hustle, looking to make extra cash for your next big purchase, or simply just want to keep your personal closet in rotation, selling on Poshmark is a cool way to generate income.

Obviously you’re here to gain insight on how to make money from home with Poshmark just like I am! So I intend on sharing some of the basics you need to do to get started.

As long as you have a phone to photograph your items, space to store away your inventory, a printer for your shipping labels, and shipping supplies, you have everything it takes to get started.

You will need to do the following:

Click on each bullet for more info.

  • Download the Poshmark App
  • Create a Closet name
  • Gather inventory to sell
  • Photograph inventory
  • List your inventory
  • Share your listings to your followers

From there, the right customers will eventually find your items. They will either use the buy it now option and pay full asking and shipping for a no haggle sale.

Other times the customer may want to work out a better price with you first. Be prepared for this because most Poshmark shoppers come to the app looking for a good deal.

Once you make the sale the final step is ti print out the prepaid shipping label provided to you by Poshmark,  package your item, and ship it out.

Once the customer receives the package, accepts the package, and hopefully leaves a 5 star review, your portion of the funds from the sale will be released to you.

Congrats on taking the steps and doing the research to get started. It can be overwhelming in the beginning so be sure to read further through the links below to get more detailed help.

  • Downloading the app
  • What can you sell on Poshmark
  • Where to get inventory to sell
  • Product photography tips and tricks
  • How to create the perfect listing title
  • How to create a fire description
  • Tips and tricks to help make sales
  • Learn what self shares are and how it increases your chances of a sale.
  • You’ve made a sale, How to get paid, How much does Poshmark take in fees?
  • Shipping tips and tricks

Published by Lauren Smith

Stay at Home mom of 4 who loves reselling.

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